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Midfield Power Ranking and an Australian Grand Prix Preview

Plus, Red Bull’s speed differential, Ferrari’s plans to unveil an upcoming design, and more

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Meg is joined by Tim Hauraney from the Nailing the Apex podcast and FanGraphs’ Michael Baumann to preview the Australian Grand Prix. They begin by hitting on Red Bull’s speed differential (1:38) and Ferrari’s plans to unveil an updated design come Emilia (11:56). They then address McLaren’s restructuring plans, which involve three department heads (25:10). Later, they participate in a midfield power-ranking exercise in which they discuss performances thus far and expectations moving forward (34:49). Then, they preview the Australian Grand Prix and touch on which teams can benefit on this particular track (51:50).

Host: Megan Schuster
Guests: Tim Hauraney and Michael Baumann
Producer: Erika Cervantes

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