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We Have Arrived. ‘WrestleMania’ Week Is Here!

David and Kaz kick off the biggest week of the ‘Ringer Wrestling Show’ feed to get you hyped for ‘WrestleMania 39’


David and Kaz kick off the biggest week of the Ringer Wrestling Show feed to get you hyped for WrestleMania 39! They discuss the following:

  • What could be Bobby Lashley’s match? (5:37)
  • Which coveted spot would you like to have at WrestleMania (12:29), the Royal Rumble winner, the champion, the opener, or the surprise return?
  • Dave, Kaz, and Brian share their favorite WrestleMania in-person experiences (16:48).
  • The original plans for the women’s tag team titles (28:40).
  • The independent wrestling matches taking place in Los Angeles during the week (45:00).
  • Fantasy booking separate WWE and Universal titles (45:53).
  • A new world title design in the works (52:17)?

Heading out to WrestleMania this year? So are we! Come kick off the weekend by joining the Ringer Wrestling crew for a meetup. We’ll be at Tom’s Watch Bar at LA Live on Thursday, March 30, beginning at 5:00 p.m. PT. Grab a drink, come chat, and snap some selfies with us.

Hosts: David Shoemaker and Kazeem Famuyide
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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