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Anthony Chin-Quee on ‘I Can’t Save You: A Memoir’

Larry and Anthony discuss the experiences Chin-Quee went through as a Black physician that inspired him to write his memoir

Anthony Chin-Quee

Larry is joined by writer and former physician Anthony Chin-Quee to discuss his upcoming book I Can’t Save You: A Memoir coming out on April 4. They start their conversation by discussing Anthony’s process for putting together the memoir and some of the experiences he went through as a Black physician that inspired him to write it. They then dive into the emotional compartmentalization required to be a successful surgeon, Chin-Quee’s journey to becoming a doctor, and how the system for testing an individual’s specialization highlights racial discrimination within the medical industry (7:19). This leads to a conversation on how trauma is passed down through the family tree and the paths to address and work through it (30:10). After the break, Anthony details his personal struggles with suicidal thoughts, and talks about the metrics and techniques the health community uses to designate the severity of a patient’s depression (38:01). Larry and Anthony end the pod by examining Chin-Quee’s current relationship with himself and medicine, as well as the hurdles facing Black men in regards to treating mental health (51:29).

Host: Larry Wilmore
Guest: Anthony Chin-Quee
Associate Producer: Chris Sutton

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