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Embiid and Harden Injury Concerns Following Victory Over the Bulls

Sheil and Raheem discuss what the injuries could mean for the Sixers’ title hopes

Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Sixers currently sit third in the Eastern Conference behind the Bucks and the Celtics, and have won nine of their last 10 games. James Harden suffered an apparent foot injury in Monday’s loss to the Bulls and Joel Embiid suffered a calf injury in Wednesday’s victory against the Bulls. How concerned should Sixers fans be as they head toward the playoffs? Is this the same ole hurt Sixers limping into the postseason, or is this nothing to be concerned about? Raheem and Sheil discuss that and how the team has looked in this recent run.

Hosts: Sheil Kapadia amd Raheem Palmer
Producer: Cliff Augustin

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