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Lessons From Bahrain, and a Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Preview

Scott Michael-Malm joins the show to talk the teams and drivers performing above or below expectations, takeaways from the first race of the season, and on- and off-track safety protocols

F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain Photo by Michael Potts/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Meg is joined by Scott Mitchell-Malm from The Race to break down what we’re seeing across the grid heading into the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. They begin by discussing which teams and drivers are performing above or below expectations (2:16), touch on the biggest takeaways from the first race of the season (12:37), and then preview the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, with discussion about on- and off-track safety protocols, what we learned from last year’s race, and what we can expect from this track (39:49).

Host: Megan Schuster
Guest: Scott Mitchell-Malm
Producer: Erika Cervantes

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