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Can a Mid-Season Trade Help Your Team’s Hump Proximity?

Kyle and Seerat break down the latest NBA trade deadline rumors

Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Kyle and Seerat get together on the eve of the NBA trade deadline to talk about how mid-season trades can alter a franchise’s championship trajectory. They begin their conversation by dissecting Seerat’s birthday pickup game and the Kyrie Irving trade to the Mavericks. This leads to an examination of some organizations around the league who could be looking to add an extra piece this year to retain their dominance, particularly the Bucks, Nets, and Celtics (13:45). Next, they focus on the Memphis Grizzlies and debate if they should be adding another star to their roster while seeing comparisons to how the Bad Boy Pistons were built back in the day (32:43). Finally, they provide some trade advice for the Kings and Nuggets to uplift their rejuvenated brands (55:12).

Hosts: J. Kyle Mann and Seerat Sohi
Associate Producer: Chris Sutton
Production Supervision: Benjamin Cruz and Conor Nevins

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