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Kyrie Irving Is a Dallas Maverick, KD’s Next Landing Spot, and the Off-Court Antics of Ja Morant

Logan and Raja discuss Kevin Durant trade rumors ahead of the deadline

New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Logan and Raja share their reactions to the Dallas Mavericks’ trade for Kyrie Irving, how he fits alongside Luka Doncic, and whether or not they made the right move long term (2:00). Along the way, they talk about the Kevin Durant trade rumors heating up ahead of Thursday’s trade deadline (15:00). Later, the guys discuss the reported postgame altercation between a friend of Ja Morant’s and members of the Indiana Pacers (37:00).

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Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell
Associate Producer: Jonathan Kermah
Production Assistant: Kai Grady

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