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‘Knock at the Cabin’ and Shyamalan Double Features, With M. Night Shyamalan!

Guests Elric Kane and Brian Saur join the show to lay out a few recommendations concerning their favorite M. Night Shyamalan films. Then Sean talks to Shyamalan himself about his new film, as well as his career!

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Elric Kane and Brian Saur, hosts of the Pure Cinema Podcast, join Sean to talk about Knock at the Cabin and provide some double-feature recommendations for our favorite M. Night Shyamalan films (1:00). Then, Sean is joined by Shyamalan himself to talk about his career and his new film (1:08:00).

Host: Sean Fennessey
Guests: M. Night Shyamalan, Elric Kane, and Brian Saur
Producer: Bobby Wagner

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