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The Top 10 Movie Scenes of 2023 and ‘American Fiction’ With Cord Jefferson

The director joins Sean and Amanda to discuss the challenges of directing a movie when you have a writing background, what he wants to work on next, and more

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Sean and Amanda open the show by talking about their five favorite scenes of the 2023 movie year (1:00), before digging into one of the most exciting directorial debuts of the year: Cord Jefferson’s American Fiction (24:00). They talk about the state of family dramas and satires as genres and how American Fiction succeeds as a refreshing mix of the two. Then, Sean is joined by Jefferson to talk about the expected and unexpected challenges of directing a film when you have a background as a writer, the movie’s deep and wonderful cast, what kinds of things he’s gravitating toward working on next, and more (38:00).

Hosts: Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins
Guest: Cord Jefferson
Senior Producer: Bobby Wagner

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