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‘The Iron Claw’ Director Sean Durkin Joins! Plus, Pro Wrestling Free Agency Begins!

David and Kaz talk to Sean Durkin about why he created ‘The Iron Claw’, his love for pro wrestling, and more


Iron Claw Week comes to a close with a bang as David and Kaz talk to the director, Sean Durkin!

First, they kick off the show by discussing the first day of free agency for the superstars recently released from WWE (0:30). Then they discuss their brief thoughts on The Iron Claw (6:35). They also discuss the following things in pro wrestling:

  • Matt Riddle joins MLW (18:50)
  • Charlotte Flair signs new WWE deal (19:19)
  • R-Truth adds comedy to the Judgment Day (26:25)
  • Has the Devil story line run its course (36:23)?
  • Wrestler of the Year reactions (50:27)

To close out, Durkin comes on to share about why he created the movie, his love for pro wrestling, and more! (57:50).

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Hosts: David Shoemaker, Kazeem Famuyide, and Brian H. Waters
Guest: Sean Durkin
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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