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The Tribal Chief Is Back! Plus, Rosenberg and Misshattan’s Rio Misadventures.

And later there is talk of Carmelo Hayes, Roman Reigns’s return, mailbag, and more


With the physically vacationing Rosenberg off gallivanting in Brazil, SGG and Dip man the Cheap Heat ship back stateside on today’s episode. But don’t worry, Rosenberg will still make not one, but two appearances on the program! The first of which happens from dinner in Rio de Janeiro alongside his wife, Misshattan, who finds herself at odds with her no. 1 hater, Troy the Goy. In between all the madness, there is some wrestling discussion about Carmelo Hayes, Roman Reigns’s return and how long we expect him to hold the title, and the answering of some mailbag questions.

We’re off on Friday, but we do hope you stay maj and enjoy yourselves.

Hosts: Greg Hyde and Dip
Guests: Peter Rosenberg and Misshattan
Producers: Brian H. Waters and Troy Farkas

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