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‘The Boy and the Heron’ and Top Five Miyazaki Movies. Plus: An ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ Deep Dive.

Sean, Andy, and Charles look at Hayao Miyazaki’s stunning new film before Amanda joins to discuss the 2023 Palme d’Or winner


Sean is joined by Andy Greenwald and Charles Holmes to revel in the top film at the box office, Hayao Miyazaki’s final film, The Boy and the Heron (1:00). They talk about Miyazaki’s whole career, including their top five Studio Ghibli movies (41:00). Then, Amanda rejoins the pod for a detailed discussion of the 2023 Palme d’Or winner, Justine Triet’s French courtroom drama Anatomy of a Fall (1:12:00).

Hosts: Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins
Guests: Andy Greenwald and Charles Holmes
Senior Producer: Bobby Wagner

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