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Shawn Michaels Talks NXT’s Explosive Growth and Rhea Ripley’s Unlimited Potential! Plus, Breakout Star Trick Williams’s Inspiring Journey to NXT.

Rosenberg talks to Shawn Michaels about NXT’s roster, and Trick Williams joins to talk about his crazy backstory


There’s something going on! NXT Deadline—that’s what’s going on, next Saturday, December 9. To celebrate the upcoming occasion, Rosenberg talks to “The Heartbreak Kid,” Shawn Michaels, about NXT’s roster, the growth of Trick Williams, Rhea Ripley’s ceiling, and CM Punk’s dramatic return to WWE (14:24). Then, NXT star Trick Williams tells Rosenberg about his crazy backstory, from his Division I college football walk-on, to getting cut by the Philadelphia Eagles, to somehow landing a gig with WWE (36:45). But before all of that, Rosenberg answers some of your emails (02:50).

Stay maj.

Host: Peter Rosenberg
Guests: Shawn Michaels and Trick Williams
Producer: Troy Farkas

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