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The Many Stories Within CM Punk’s Return to WWE

David, Kaz, and Brian also cover Seth Rollins’s angry reaction, Drew McIntyre storming off after the show, and more


David, Kaz, and Brian kick off Monday’s episode with the Cold Open Question of the Week: What’s a bigger deal, CM Punk’s AEW Rampage debut in 2021, or his return to WWE at the 2023 Survivor Series (0:37)?

Then they break down the following story lines within:

  • The moment his music hit (6:30)
  • Seth Rollins’s angry reactions (1302)
  • Could Rollins vs. Punk be the main event of WrestleMania’s second night? (15:30)
  • Drew McIntyre storming off after the show (19:31)
  • Pro wrestling aggrievement scale (28:00)
  • Randy Orton’s return (29:00)

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Hosts: David Shoemaker, Kazeem Famuyide, and Brian H. Waters
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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