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Teams Surging and Slumping into the New Year

Plus, talking Luka Doncic’s MVP-caliber season, and what’s next for the Timberwolves

Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

Justin, Rob, and Wos kick off the new year by discussing five NBA teams who are starting 2023 either surging or slumping. They discuss the Nets’ surge as one of top teams in the East (02:46), whether the Sixers’ recent success makes them legit title contenders (14:28), and how Luka Doncic’s dominance is carrying the Mavs (26:44). Later, they look at the struggles of the Timberwolves (34:31) and Suns (48:21).

Hosts: Justin Verrier, Rob Mahoney, and Wosny Lambre
Producer: Eduardo Ocampo

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