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Klay and Donovan Explode!

Plus, talking buyers and sellers approaching the NBA trade deadline

Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Seerat and Kyle celebrate the first pod of the New Year by discussing Klay Thompson’s 54-point barrage against the Hawks and Donovan Mitchell’s jaw-dropping 71-point performance in the Cavs’ win over the Bulls on Monday night. After the break, they examine some of the NBA teams looking to either improve or possibly start a brand-new process before the upcoming trade deadline—notably, the Raptors, Bulls, and Mavs (25:39). They end the pod by talking about the state of the Cleveland Cavaliers and what moves they can make to improve on their newfound success (48:51).

Hosts: J. Kyle Mann and Seerat Sohi
Associate Producer: Chris Sutton
Production Supervision: Benjamin Cruz and Conor Nevins

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