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The Rui Hachimura Trade, LeBron’s Legacy, and Kobe Stories

Logan and Raja discuss how the Lakers-Wizards trade impacts both teams

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Logan and Raja are back to give their thoughts on this week’s Lakers-Wizards trade and how the move impacts both teams (3:08). Along the way, the guys discuss LeBron’s incredible play as he nears the all-time scoring record (24:06). Later, they honor Kobe Bryant three years after his death by sharing some of their favorite stories about the Lakers legend (42:11). Finally, the guys close out with their Real Ones of the Week (65:37).

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell
Associate Producer: Jonathan Kermah
Production Assistant: Kai Grady

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