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The ‘Cheap Heat’ Friday Something: Kofi Kingston on the New Day, Big E’s Health, and Jay Briscoe

Rosenberg and Kofi discuss Kofi’s legendary skin care regimen, last year’s Royal Rumble, and an update on the health of his friend Big E

AFP via Getty Images

WWE superstar Kofi Kingston joins Rosenberg for a fun lighthearted conversation on this wonderful Friday. The boys discuss:

—Kofi’s legendary skin care regimen (1:20)

—Click for Quality Education Foundation, which provides computer labs and libraries to schoolchildren in Ghana (7:42)

—Last year’s Royal Rumble and what makes the event so special

—An update on the health of his friend Big E, who suffered a catastrophic neck injury last year (26:52)

—What it’s like drinking with the other members of the New Day (31:28)

—The passing of Jay Briscoe (36:42)

And much, much more!

Stay maj.

Host: Peter Rosenberg
Producer: Troy Farkas

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