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The Death of Journalism, a Stale Bloodline Story, and a Diperstein Spinoff Show?

Plus, Rosenberg and Andrew Goldstein discuss AEW’s strong start to 2023 and suggestions for how it can get even more out of MJF

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Friend of the show Andrew Goldstein, who once enjoyed a cup of coffee with WWE, joins Rosenberg to catch up on an array of wrestling and non-wrestling topics. On today’s episode, the guys discuss:

  • The biggest story in the history of WWE … that is a lie? (3:42)
  • AEW’s strong start to 2023 (11:18)
  • Suggestions for how AEW can get even more out of MJF (16:44)
  • Why the Bloodline narrative could benefit from an infusion of new energy (24:20)
  • Current fighting styles in pro wrestling and why they aren’t up to snuff (30:09)

Plus, mailbag!

Host: Peter Rosenberg
Producer: Troy Farkas

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