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The ‘Cheap Heat’ Friday Something: Ric Flair Documentary Takeaways, Final ’SmackDown’ of 2022 Preview, and Dream Matches for “Stone Cold” in 2023

Plus, Natalie and “Evil” Sam Roberts stop by


In the final 2022 episode of Cheap Heat, Dip joins Rosenberg—from Del Boca Vista—for a maj podcast about:

  • The death of the stick shift automobile (8:56)
  • Rosenberg’s unforgettable appearance in the new Peacock documentary about the life and career of Ric Flair, and why Dip believes it’s the best Flair doc to date (18:22)
  • Why next year’s WrestleMania hits close to home for Dip (27:46)
  • Matchmaking for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (43:00)

Plus, Natalie and “Evil” Sam Roberts stop by, and Rosenberg gets a DM from Cody Rhodes.

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg and Dip
Producer: Troy Farkas

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