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England’s Draw with Germany and the Barclays WSL’s Competitiveness

Plus, Aston Villa’s Remi Allen joins in to discuss her injury and rehabilitation

England v Germany: UEFA Nations League - League Path Group 3 Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

Ian is joined by Flo Lloyd-Hughes, Ryan Hunn, and Aston Villa’s Remi Allen!

They begin by asking Remi about her injury and rehabilitation (01:00), before moving on to England’s final Nations League game against Germany and their form going into the World Cup (09:41). Then, they turn their attention to the weekend’s Barclays WSL, its record crowds, and its increasing competitiveness (26:15).

Host: Ian Wright
Guests: Remi Allen, Flo Lloyd-Hughes, and Ryan Hunn
Producers: Ryan Hunn and Roscoe Bowman

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