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Reintroducing ‘Bandsplain,’ the Deepest Dive Into Your Favorite Musicians

Join Yasi Salek and guests on The Ringer Podcast Network for a new season starting September 29

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Bandsplain is back, babe. And it’s now part of the Ringer Podcast Network. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s hosted by Yasi Salek, your musical shaman and the internet’s preeminent reply-guy whisperer. Each week, Yasi and an expert guest go deep on your favorite artists’ entire catalog. (And we do mean their entire catalog.) It’s a journey—one that’s revelatory, cathartic, and most of all, fun.

Past episodes have tackled a wide range of acts, from the biggest names to cult heroes. You want to know about Pavement? Here is The Ringer’s Chris Ryan getting all slanted and enchanted. Radiohead? Dissect’s Cole Cuchna helps break down Thom York and Co.’s discography in two parts. U2? Listen as Rob Harvilla and Yasi dismantle a few atomic bombs—and in the process, a few hearts. There’s a lot more, too, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers to PJ Harvey to 311 to countless other musicians you had in your Discman circa 1996.

This season, you can expect more of the same, from grunge gods to power-pop pioneers to nu-metal provocateurs. Be sure to check back every Thursday starting September 29 for new episodes, exclusively on Spotify.

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