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Is Brock Lesnar “Mr. SummerSlam”?

Plus, Evan, Flobo, and Jack discuss Logan Paul signing with WWE and Liv Morgan’s SmackDown title victory


During The Ringer’s WWE Money in the Bank Post-Show, Flobo called Brock Lesnar “Mr. SummerSlam.” After Brian’s tweet, Evan decided to bring this to the podcast and unpack it (11:30). Plus, they discuss Logan Paul’s signing with WWE and whether he should be a heel or a face (22:08). Is it time for Roman Reigns to drop the titles? Evan, Flobo, Jack, and Brian weigh in (52:01). And congratulations to Liv Morgan, who became the new SmackDown Women’s champion. Evan says it’s not time for fans to take away their support (64:00).

Hosts: Evan Mack, Flobo Boyce, and Jack Farmer
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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