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All Quiet on the Free Agency Front, the Gobert Gamble, and Summer League Excitement

Also, Verno and KOC discuss the Malcolm Brogdon trade

Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

After the initial wave of signings, free agency has hit a stall as Verno and KOC discuss how the league is waiting for Kevin Durant to get traded (01:17). The T-Wolves traded for Rudy Gobert over the weekend, and Verno shares why he doesn’t like the trade for the Jazz while KOC defends the move and shares why Gobert will flourish in Minnesota (10:15). Staying with the Jazz, the guys discuss how Danny Ainge always manages to get what he wants and why the Gobert trade is all about Anthony Edwards (29:31). Also, the guys discuss the Malcolm Brogdon trade and share their excitement for going to this year’s Summer League (44:19).

Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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