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Who Is on Roman Reigns’s Level? Plus ‘SummerSlam’ Predictions.

Evan also shares his top five wrestlers

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Evan, Flobo, Jack, and Brian kick off this week’s show by discussing the impact that Vince McMahon has had on wrestling fans and content creators (4:24). Then they discuss how good Raw was with Logan Paul and the Miz kicking off the show (19:57), celebrating 20 years of Rey Mysterio (0:00), and Roman Reigns carrying Theory on the mic (39:11). We close with Evan sharing his top five wrestlers (62:32) and SummerSlam predictions (75:08)

Hosts: Evan T. Mack, Flobo Boyce, and Jack Farmer
Producer: Brian H. Waters
Note: The Ringer has a working relationship with WWE.

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