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B.J. Novak on ‘Vengeance’

The actor joins Larry to discuss his new film

Film Independent Presents Special Screening Of “Vengeance” Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Larry is joined by actor, writer, and director B.J. Novak to discuss his new film, Vengeance, premiering on July 29. They begin their conversation by explaining the premise of the movie, the long journey to its completion, and B.J.’s personal connection to the project. Next, they discuss the isolated feel of the movie’s environment and how his experiences visiting with the people in West Texas differed from his political and ideological expectations (13:23). Novak then discusses some of the challenges he faced directing Vengeance and Larry breaks down the difference between directing and producing (26:19). They end the pod with an amazing talk about their shared experiences working on ‘The Office’ together and B.J. passes along some advice to writers and directors aspiring to be in the TV or movie industries (34:25).

Host: Larry Wilmore
Guest: B.J. Novak
Producer: Chris Sutton

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