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Mike Vaccaro on Getting Mitchell and Why to Keep RJ

Plus, the Mets keep rolling, and the Yanks are reeling with the Red Sox coming to town

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(01:20) - KNICKS: Donovan Mitchell is dying to become a Knick, but JJ is against adding RJ Barrett to any deal because the team needs what he brings.
(06:10) - YANKEES: After splitting the series against the Red Sox and dropping the series against the Reds, the All-Star break is coming at just the right time.
(10:07) - METS: Make no mistake, the Mets taking the series against the Braves was a statement, and they’d better make sure to take care of the Cubs to go into the All-Star break with some momentum.
(14:14) - MIKE VACCARO: The NY Post columnist discusses the Mitchell rumors, why New York has always been a baseball town, who he thinks is the all-time Mets Killer, and more.
(32:48) - CALLS: JJ reveals his top five Mets Killers before going to the calls that include their own Mets Killers, Yankee concerns, and of course, Donovan Mitchell.

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Host: John Jastremski
Guest: Mike Vaccaro
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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