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Who Did WWE Drop the Ball On? Plus AEW Crowns New Tag Team Champions!

Plus, fill-in producer Brian H. Waters and Dave discuss Karrion Kross returning to WWE and Chris Jericho’s upcoming Barbed-Wire match with Eddie Kingston


This week, Kaz opens the show with a message for Jim Cornette: Google David Shoemaker (3:50)! Plus they discuss Keith Lee and Swerve winning the AEW tag team championships (14:08), which leads them to discuss who WWE dropped the ball on the most between Claudio, Keith Lee, and Dolph Ziggler (20:37). And then we have a run-in from fill-in producer Brian H. Waters, and he and Dave discuss Karrion Kross returning to WWE, Chris Jericho’s upcoming barbed-wire match with Eddie Kingston, and more (43:51).

Host: David Shoemaker and Kazeem Famuyide
Producer: Brian H. Waters

Note: The Ringer has a working relationship with WWE.

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