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Brunson to New York, Implications for the Knicks and Mavs With Marc Stein | The Void

KOC and Stein also discuss the Dejounte Murray sweepstakes and other potential targets for the Knicks

Dallas Mavericks v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Hey, it’s Kevin! Thank you for listening to The Void. With the news of Jalen Brunson possibly leaving the Mavs for the Knicks, I bring on Marc Stein to help break down all the implications from both sides. You can subscribe to Marc’s Substack by using the link below. Here are today’s timestamps:

(03:30) - How much of a blunder is this for the Mavs?

(05:18) - Why Jalen Brunson is worth the money he’s getting

(12:44) - How can the Mavs replace Brunson?

(18:52) - The Dejounte Murray sweepstakes

(22:23) - Any other potential targets for the Knicks?

Marc Stein Substack link

Host: Kevin O’Connor
Guest: Marc Stein
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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