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Drafting the Magic’s Future With Kevin Clark and Steve Ceruti

With the draft less than a week away, we discuss who the Magic could pick no. 1 and why the team’s narrative will soon change

2022 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

Hey it’s Kevin, on today’s podcast I spoke with The Ringer’s resident Magic fans, Kevin Clark and Steve Ceruti. With the draft less than a week away, we’re diving deep into the Orlando Magic and their future. The fit for all the options at no. 1, the roster structure, and why the Magic’s narrative will soon change. We get into this and so much more.

(04:31) - Who Ceruti and Clark would choose no. 1
(16:55) - Would there be disappointment if the guy you want isn’t chosen?
(26:52) - On Franz Wagner and Jalen Suggs
(33:03) - Are you hopeful for the future?
(39:49) - Can the Rockets put together a godfather offer?

Host: Kevin O’Connor
Guests: Kevin Clark and Steve Ceruti
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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