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Embiid Returns, Brunson Shines, And Celtics-Bucks Deep Dive

Plus, Grizzlies-Warriors preview, Grant Williams’s defense, and should the Heat be worried?

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Three Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Hey it’s Kevin, thank you for listening to The Void. Rob Mahoney joined first to recap Friday night’s games and previewed Game 3 of Grizzlies-Warriors. Then I brought on two friends from my days covering the Celtics to go deep on Boston-Milwaukee ahead of Game 3: Jay King and Jared Weiss from The Athletic. Here are today’s timestamps:

Rob Mahoney
(01:51) - Joel Embiid’s impact
(07:42) - Should the Heat be worried?
(13:03) - On Mavs-Suns game
(22:05) - Grizzlies and Warriors preview

Jay King & Jared Weiss
(31:37) - Differences for Celtics in Game 1 and 2
(35:33) - Grant Williams and his defense
(50:41) - Can Giannis do anything differently?
(01:02:38) - Predictions for rest of series

Host: Kevin O’Connor
Guests: Rob Mahoney, Jay King, and Jared Weiss
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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