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Has Chris Jericho Surpassed Shawn Michaels As the Greatest of All Time?

Plus, the guys discuss the recent NXT releases, the new ‘SummerSlam’ logo, and which women’s wrestler will receive the ‘MackMania’ franchise tag

This week, Evan, Flobo, Jack, and Brian discuss the recent NXT releases (03:05) and the new SummerSlam logo (26:10) before revealing which women’s wrestler will receive the MackMania franchise tag (32:03). Plus, Evan calls out Kaz about his choice of steaks. (35:10) They close the show with an epic debate, deciding whether Chris Jericho moved above Shawn Michaels on the all-time list. (39:13).

Hosts: Evan T. Mack, Flobo Boyce, and Jack Farmer
Producer: Brian H. Waters

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