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The Bucks Turn the Tables on the Celtics and the Grizzlies Can’t Cash in on Draymond Green’s Ejection. Plus, Utah Jazz Pack Watch.

Logan and Raja discuss the early games of the playoffs’ second round, including Joel Embiid’s injury and Devin Booker’s return

Milwaukee Bucks v Boston Celtics - Game One Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Logan and Raja hop on this evening to talk about how Memphis fumbled its opportunity to take Game 1 of the Warriors-Grizzlies series with Draymond ejected (3:10), the Phoenix Suns’ resurgence against the Mavericks with Devin Booker’s return (13:00), how Joel Embiid’s injury could derail the 76ers’ Finals hopes (26:40), and how the tables have turned on the Celtics with the Bucks using their size to foil every attempt around the basket (31:50). Then they preview Game 2 of Warriors-Grizzlies (42:05) and Jomi puts the Utah Jazz on Pack Watch for hopefully the final time (53:20).

Hosts: Logan Murdock and Raja Bell
Guest: Jomi Adeniran
Producer: Sasha Ashall

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