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2022 NBA Mock Draft With Kevin O’Connor

KOC is here with a bonus episode to run through his latest mock of the entire first round of the upcoming NBA draft

Georgia State v Gonzaga Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Hey, it’s Kevin with a surprise podcast! I’ll be discussing the NBA conference finals on Tuesday’s episode of The Mismatch, but today I’ll be going through the entire first round of the 2022 NBA draft with my latest mock. This was originally posted as a video on our YouTube channel, but we decided to publish the whole thing here as a podcast.

(02:35) - Pick 1
(05:11) - Pick 2
(08:38) - Pick 3
(11:30) - Picks 4-9
(27:46) - Picks 10-14
(35:07) - Picks 15-19
(42:05) - Picks 20-24
(47:07) - Picks 25-30

Host: Kevin O’Connor
Producers: Jessie Lopez, Dylan Berkey, and Ronak Nair

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