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Judd Apatow on ‘George Carlin’s American Dream’

Larry is joined by Judd Apatow to discuss his new HBO documentary about the comedian and social commentator

LA Premiere of HBO’s George Carlin’s American Dream Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO

Larry is joined by legendary director and producer Judd Apatow to discuss his new HBO documentary George Carlin’s American Dream. They start their discussion by talking about why Judd wanted to make the film and George’s legacy as a social commentator.(2:53) They then explore Carlin’s career parallels with Richard Pryor, follow his progression from entertainer to truth-teller, and go over George’s famously meticulous stage preparation.(12:48) Next, Judd opines on some of his favorite comedic performers and shares some details from his newest book Sicker in the Head.(32:01) Finally, Larry and Judd debate their favorite George Carlin bits and chat about the responsibility of the modern comic.(44:15)

Host: Larry Wilmore
Guest: Judd Apatow
Producer: Chris Sutton

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