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Donnie Simpson: The Golden Voice and R&B’s Golden Girls

The longtime host and DJ discusses his iconic interviews with music stars like Sade and Vesta Williams

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This week, Danyel is joined by one of the most recognizable voices in music journalism, Donnie Simpson. He talks about his childhood—growing up in his mother’s record store and his love for music, to George Clinton being the spark that turned his aspirations to radio. Simpson also talks about his iconic interviews with artists like Sade and Vesta Williams, to being a part of Janet Jackson’s pre-show prayers on tour. Plus, Simpson gleams with joy as he talks about his deep friendship with Aretha Franklin, and what she meant to him.

Host: Danyel Smith
Guest: Donnie Simpson
Producers: Trudy Joseph and Donnie Beacham
Guest Booking: Allyson Turner
Story Consultant: Taj Rani
Sound Design: DJ Steve Porter
Production Supervision: Juliet Litman, Chelsea Stark Jones

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