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Ukraine’s Media Strategy, Russia’s Ban on Journalism, and the Ongoing Coverage of the War in Ukraine

Bryan and David discuss how media coverage affects perceptions of the war

Daily Life in Ukraine as Russia Invades Photo by Laurent Van der Stockt for Le Monde/Getty Images

Bryan and David follow up on the ongoing coverage of the war in Ukraine. They discuss The New York Times’ decision to publish a photograph of Ukrainian civilians who were killed as they tried to flee a battle zone, then weigh in on how both countries’ media approaches could affect the perception of the war (0:28).

Later, they switch gears and touch on the debut of the new HBO show Winning Time, about the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers, and discuss the ongoing conversation surrounding Adam McKay and Will Ferrell (23:37).

Hosts: Bryan Curtis and David Shoemaker
Associate Producer: Erika Cervantes

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