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The Return of KD, and Still, No Baseball

Plus, Moose on the Yankees and the best chance for a New York title

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Michelle Farsi/Getty Images

(00:59) — LOCKOUT: The MLBPA and MLB continue to meet. How long will greed prevent baseball from being played?
(04:42) — KD IS BACK: Despite Durant’s return, the Nets still lose to Miami.
(09:24) — MARC “MOOSE” MALUSIS: WPIX’s sports anchor talks his new job, the evolution of media, and the state of the Yankees and gives his list of most heartbreaking NY losses.
(40:13) — CALLS: Callers talk Knicks and MLB lockout.
(51:26) — TRIVIA: Another week of trivia Q&A with JJ.

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Host: John Jastremski
Guest: Marc Malusis
Producer: Stefan Anderson

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