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Going In-Depth on the Raptors, Scottie Barnes, and the Future of the NBA With Samson Folk

Plus, KOC and Samson discuss the NBA being as deep as ever and its ability to continue evolving

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Welcome to The Void, where Kevin O’Connor brings you deep inside the NBA with the people who know it best. KOC goes up north and brings on Samson Folk, a freelance reporter who covers the Raptors for Raptors Republic.

(00:56) - KOC’s thoughts on Paul George’s return and the Bucks-76ers game

(06:18) - The Raptors’ unique offensive strategy

(08:16) - Pascal Siakam’s improvement and what more to expect from OG Anunoby

(14:49) - Describing Scottie Barnes

(19:31) - How the Raptors used Barnes against Nikola Jokic

(26:51) - Can Barnes grow into the primary facilitator?

(28:47) - Rookie rankings and the case for each top candidate to win ROTY

(37:09) - Samson’s favorite players not on the Raptors

(41:18) - The NBA is as deep as ever and continuing to evolve

Host: Kevin O’Connor
Guest: Samson Folk
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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