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Day Dreaming on Aretha Franklin’s 80th Birthday

Danyel talks Aretha’s iconic voice and her persistent influence on artists and music in the ‘Black Girl Songbook’ Season 3 premiere

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Danyel Smith is bringing in the Season 3 premiere of Black Girl Songbook by celebrating what would be the incomparable Aretha Franklin’s 80th birthday! Not only does she talk about Aretha’s iconic voice and music, but Danyel also walks us through a day dream of sorts—from Aretha’s girlhood and deep, deep relationship with her mother, Barbara, through Aretha’s womanhood and adult life. Plus, Danyel talks about Aretha’s persistent influence on artists and music.

Host: Danyel Smith
Producers: Trudy Joseph and Donnie Beacham
Guest Booking: Allyson Turner
Story Consultant: Taj Rani
Sound Design: DJ Steve Porter
Production Supervision: Juliet Litman, Chelsea Stark Jones

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