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LeBron’s Loser Lakers, Zion News, and the Play-in Race With Jason Maples

Plus, predicting where the Nets will finish and breaking down Cade Cunningham’s upside

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome to The Void, where Kevin O’Connor brings you deep inside the NBA with the people who know it best. Today’s guest is Jason Maples. He is a cohost of the Temple of Hoop podcast with Big Kings and an assistant coach for the Contra Costa College men’s basketball team.

(06:11) - Lakers losses are all the same
(11:04) - True issues with the Lakers
(21:55) - Warriors not making a move will come back to haunt them
(27:51) - Clippers are title favorites if Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are healthy
(33:01) - Luka’s eerily similarities
(36:08) - Cade Cunningham’s upside
(40:07) - Predicting where the Nets will finish
(45:21) - Brandon Ingram’s improvement
(51:29) - How bout dem Cowboys?

Host: Kevin O’Connor
Guest: Jason Maples
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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