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What Putin Will Do Next and the West’s Unprecedented “Financial War” on Russia

Derek discusses the economic effects of war

Protests Are Held In The Istanbul In Support Of Ukraine After Russian Invasion Photo by Cemal Yurttas/ dia images via Getty Images

There are two wars happening right now. There is a military conflict led by Vladimir Putin in Eastern Europe that we should all hope ends as soon as possible. And there is an economic and cultural war—the world vs. Russia—that we should also hope ends as soon as possible. In today’s episode, two guests discuss each theater of war. Paul Poast, a University of Chicago professor and expert on the economics of war, joins to discuss the latest from the war on the ground. And Robin Wigglesworth, a global finance correspondent with The Financial Times, joins to discuss the global “financial war” against Russia.

Host: Derek Thompson
Guests: Paul Poast and Robin Wigglesworth
Producer: Devon Manze

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