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Keith Lee Unleashed, Miz-Dominick-Rey Situation, and Can We Get Dip a Microphone?

Plus, AEW’s one big flaw, Gable Steveson’s potential, and a potential Ronda Rousey–Charlotte Flair matchup at ‘WrestleMania’

After learning why the bosses want to make the show shorter, Rosenberg, SGG, and Dip begin today’s show debating whether there’s any content of the show worth cutting. Then, the guys talk about AEW’s one big flaw, Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair potentially squaring off at WrestleMania, Gable Steveson’s potential, and Dip’s poor mic situation. And of course, mailbag!

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg, Stat Guy Greg, Diperstein
Producer: Troy Farkas

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