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NBA All-Star Weekend Recap, Mirin Fader on DeMar DeRozan’s Pain and Perseverance, Ben Simmons’s Mental Health Journey, and Juwan Howard Versus Greg Gard: No Touching!

Jason talks about the many things that can be improved about the All-Star Weekend before Mirin comes on to discuss her profile of DeMar DeRozan

2022 NBA All-Star - 71st NBA All-Star Game Photo by Lauren Bacho/NBAE via Getty Images

The Full Go begins with Jason’s recap of NBA All-Star Weekend (01:00). For many basketball fans, All-Star Weekend has always been a special time to celebrate the game. With the NBA at 75, this weekend was no different, yet Jason believes there are many things that can be improved about the event (10:00). Mirin Fader (Ringer staff writer/N.Y. Times bestselling author) joins the show to discuss her profile of DeMar DeRozan (15:00). DeMar’s late-career renaissance with the Bulls didn’t happen overnight, and the road to getting here was treacherous. Mirin talks about how DeRozan’s personal loss in life led him down a path to find himself (27:00), and how he has become a great example to Ayo Dosunmu (30:00). As the second half of the NBA season begins, the power vacuum in the East is up for grabs after the Ben Simmons–James Harden trade. However, there was something that bothered Jason about the way the trade was covered by some in the media (33:00). Big Ten basketball was interesting for about 30 seconds on Sunday. Jason breaks down the Juwan Howard–Greg Gard dustup that had everyone talking, including callers to our voicemail line at 773-359-3103 (43:00).

Host: Jason Goff
Guest: Mirin Fader
Producers: Steve Ceruti and Chris Tannehill

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