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Cena vs. Owens Preview, Looking Forward to ‘Royal Rumble,’ and the Best-Dressed Person in WWE

Plus, Drew McIntyre’s injury

London Celebrity Sightings - May 19, 2022 Photo by GC Images/GC Images

In a special holiday edition of the world’s no. 1 sports and recreation podcast, Rosenberg and SGG are here to discuss:

—Exciting news! The Cheap Heat merch website actually works now (2:56)

—Drew McIntyre’s injury (9:30)

—Next month’s Royal Rumble and the new Pitch Black matchup (24:37)

—The most luxurious wardrobe in all of WWE (28:42)

Plus, a rousing edition of Mailbag where Rosenberg compares his spending habits with Dip’s (40:00).

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg, Greg Hyde
Producer: Troy Farkas

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