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A Christmas Embarrassment, the Thriving Nets, and Mailbag Questions

Plus, breaking down the reasons behind Rudy Gobert’s benching

Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Verno and KOC discuss why the growing rivalry between the Grizzlies and Warriors is good for the NBA (03:42). They also discuss the Celtics’ blowout win against the Bucks before moving on to the 76ers, who are riding an eight-game winning streak (16:37). After the Bulls get blown out by the Rockets, the guys debate if it’s time for the Bulls to start tanking to give themselves the best chance to keep their first-round pick for the upcoming draft (27:44). In looking at last night’s games, the guys discuss the red-hot Nets and Rudy Gobert’s benching (44:23). The guys go into their mailbag to answer listener questions to end the last episode of 2022 (59:30).

Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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