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Intro to the 2023 NBA Draft, Wings Galore, and Favorite College Prospects

On the new Ringer podcast, Kevin O’Connor and J. Kyle Mann break down NBA prospects like Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson

Ringer illustration

Introducing The Ringer’s NBA Draft Show with Kevin O’Connor and J. Kyle Mann! They’ll get together every week to keep you up to date on all the top NBA prospects, including Victor Wembanyama. They discuss what to expect from the show before diving into what makes Wembanyama such a unique prospect and detailing the experience of watching him live (01:50). With Wembanyama locked in as the top prospect, they debate whether Scoot Henderson is locked in as the no. 2, and discuss the Thompson twins in Overtime Elite (17:32). Also, the introduction of the My Guys college draft, in which KOC and Kyle draft their five-man lineup of college players to watch entering the season (28:53).

Hosts: Kevin O’Connor and J. Kyle Mann
Associate Producer: Jessie Lopez
Production Supervision: Ben Cruz

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