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A Loaded NBA Night, the Hot Jazz, and a Pelicans Debate

Verno and KOC discuss Utah’s hot start and why it’s not a fluke

Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz Photo by Chris Gardner/ Getty Images

Verno and KOC open up the show discussing the Celtics-Grizzlies game and Jayson Tatum’s hot start to the season (02:42). After praising last night’s staggered start times in the NBA, they discuss the special bond that’s forming in Portland and dive into the Warriors’ struggles. Despite not being given any chance to compete, Utah is in first place in the West—the guys discuss how the Jazz are winning and why they are not a fluke (30:29). Also, they discuss the Hawks after they took down the Bucks and debate the Pelicans’ future (46:24).

Hosts: Chris Vernon and Kevin O’Connor
Producer: Jessie Lopez

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