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The Evolution of Kevin Huerter, the Orlando Magic, and Luka Doncic’s Post Game With Ben Taylor

Plus, talking Nikola Jokic’s overall basketball mastery

Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

J. Kyle Mann is joined by Ben Taylor from Thinking Basketball to talk about some of the recent developments and movements around the NBA. They begin by dissecting Kevin Huerter’s transition from role player with the Hawks to the “Red Velvet” playmaker he’s blossomed into with the Kings (2:41). Next, they dive into the decentralization of heliocentric players around the league, Nikola Jokic’s overall basketball mastery, and the dominant size and youth of the Orlando Magic (19:37). They end the pod by analyzing Luka Doncic’s elevated skill set in the paint this season (37:52).

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Host: J. Kyle Mann
Guest: Ben Taylor
Associate Producer: Chris Sutton
Production Supervision: Benjamin Cruz and Conor Nevins

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