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The Bloodline’s Brilliance, Sami Zayn’s Kofi Spot, and Can AEW Bounce Back?

Plus, the guys discuss Ricky Starks vs. Max Caster


In the first episode of another new, new, new, new, new (?) era of Cheap Heat, the boys Rosenberg, Stat Guy Greg, and Dip are back after a wild weekend for WWE at WarGames. On today’s show, the guys discuss:

• Dip’s praise for the wrestling gods after an incredible weekend for the Bloodline, and the last time we’ve seen a story like this (9:02)
• Dip’s HOT take on where WWE is falling short right now (15:00)
• Sami Zayn taking the reins once held by Kofi Kingston (21:00)
• MJF’s physique and whether AEW is due for a strong showing in the coming months (24:12)

Plus, Ricky Starks vs. Max Caster, mailbag (44:38), and the reveal of the Cheap Heat Friday Something!

Hosts: Peter Rosenberg, Greg Hyde, Dip
Producer: Troy Farkas

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